Terra Santa Tripoli

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Yesterday 4th February 2019, Saint Francis Convent Tripoli participated for the second time to the Lebanese Pipe Organ week organized by Notre Dame University and Terra Sancta Organ Festival.
This Concert is one of many celebrations to be held for the 800 years from the pilgrimage of Saint Francis to the Middle East in 1219 and the historical meeting with Malek El-Kamel Al-Ayyubi in Damietta Egypt.
By the way from yesterday, after 800 years the Pope Francis is in the Emirates for another historical visit of three days full of meetings with Muslims and Christians.


Roman Perucki (Poland) played on the Organ many tracks from the Baroque period and Farid Rahme (Lebanon) joined him on the Recorder.

A big surprise for our Convent of Saint Francis in Tripoli-Mina and all the Franciscans in Lebanon.
The General Vicar of the Franciscan Order Fr.Julio Cesar Bunader ofm. paid us a visit. He is from Argentina but his parents are from Lebanon. For the first time he visited Lebanon the land of his Ancestors.

In occasion of 800 years anniversary from the visit of Saint Francis  to the Middle East and his meeting with the Sultan Malek el-Kamel, a PROJECT to promote Human Fraternity will be realized for the habitants of Tripoli & Mina

During three consecutive days from Monday 04 February till Wednesday 06th , St. Francis Convent hosted a group of Marsa organisation for a workshop about "Interactive learning tools for young men and women".

The Director of the St. Francis Convent, Rev. Fr. Quirico Calella OFM, took part in the celebration « STAND UP TOGETHER » to consolidate the civil peace, organized by Farah El Ataa – Offre joie in Bab Al Tabbaneh - Jabal Mohsen, Tripoli, on the afternoon of Saturday, April 13. The event was preceded by a peace march conducted by Lebanese youth from Malloule Square to Baal Darwich. Rev. Fr. Callela OFM joined on the stage a delegation of Christian and Muslim religious leaders, who recited a common prayer before hundreds of inhabitants from the two adjacent Tripoli’s neighborhoods.